Industrial hearing protection - custom ear plugs

Impressions being taken for Custom Hearing Protection / PPE

Impressions being taken for Custom Hearing Protection / PPE

Work Place Hearing Protection

At Mercury we offer a wide range of custom hearing protection, so we have a product that will work in most situations. When you buy hearing protection from us you do not only get plugs you get a service with it. See below for more information and feel free to contact us is you have any questions, just click the button below.

Costs and Features:-

  • No set up fees or up-front costs
  •  No site visit charges (single visit only minimum of 25 people)
  •  15 working day delivery of initial sets
  •  5 working day replacement service
  •  Food Safe, cording / clips and employees’ initials at no charge 
  •  25% discount to all employees and their families on any additional products
  •  Dedicated Account Manager

Our Products Are…

  • Guaranteed for 2 years - Any damage to the product from normal wear and tear will be repaired / replaced free of charge under our product warranty
  •  Made from medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone, ensuring universal suitability across all industries
  •  Stain & heat resistant and easy to keep clean! Just run them under warm water (or with a little soap if necessary, but rinse well) to keep them looking good as new

Why custom?

  •  Better fit giving better protection
  •  Cost effective over longer term
  •  Comfortable
  •  Allows user to be aware of surroundings and communicate with others
  •  Compatible with other PPE
  •  Hygienic
  • Compatible with glasses, hair, ethnic
  •  headwear and piercings
  •  Helps mitigate HSE liabilities custom ear plugs hearing test

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