motorcycles plugs

PRO - £60


Perfect for Motorcycling, flying, swimming, airport & noisy work environments, sleeping, concerts and more. Reduces all noise around you including high frequency noise.

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Our filtered plugs reduce background high frequency noise whilst allowing you to hear speech. It is easy to communicate when wearing them. They reduce damaging sound levels by an average of 27dB.

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DEC - £95


Our DECs offer the best protection for constant loud noise exposure. They ensure you can hear speech and traffic clearly but protects you from dangerous sound levels by reducing noise by up 30db. motorcycles custom ear plugs motorcycle gear

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BUILD INS - From £140


Great for Motorcycling, listening to music, exercising, playing instruments, producing music and much more. The speakers are fitted directly into the plug. This allows for improved sound quality especially in the bass frequencies. Fits easily under a crash helmet.

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BLUETOOTH 6 HOUR - From £160


The Bluetooth option as an alternative to the builtins which allows you to get rid of the wires going down to your radio or sat nav and synchronises with them using bluetooth technology. This unit is unique, providing excellent sound quality. It also benefits from noise suppression and cuts out wind noise. It additionally has microphone as well, yet still provides that all important hearing protection.

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BLUETOOTH 12 HOUR - From £180


The 12 hour Bluetooth has all the benefits of the 6 hour bluetooth but lasts twice as long with out charge. 

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