Shooting Ear Plugs

PRO - £60


Our “Pro” plugs are ideal for the competition shooter who wants to focus on what they are doing without any distraction when they are “in the zone.” These plugs provide maximum protection greatly reducing ambient sound – although you can still hear a little.

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Our Dec Filters custom ear plugs allow you to use as much of your hearing level as possible without enhancing sound, so you won’t have to remove your shooting ear plugs when socialising between drives/stands. Initial ambient sound is only reduced by 15db. However, as soon as there is a sudden loud noise i.e. gunshot, the impulse valve closes and protects you from the harmful sound. Perfect for all forms of shooting activities such as clay, game, rifle, loading and coaching.

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ROCKER - £95


Our “rockers” are an adapted version of the Dec filters. Giving you two options at the rocking of a switch. Great for when you would like a little extra control on how much you want to hear. On the open setting your ambient awareness is only reduced by 15 dB (hear more). On the closed setting your ambient awareness is reduced by 25 dB. On either setting the valve closes when there is a sudden loud noise. So for example if you shoot clays and game, you will want to hear as much as possible when game shooting so use the open setting. When shooting clays you may not want to hear the people behind you talking as much, so you can put it in the closed setting.

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SONIC - £100


Our “Sonic” plugs are ideal if you are a clay pigeon or game shooter, or using an unsuppressed rifle or hand gun, as they respond to the report of your weapon and shut off completely to provide you with protection when you need it and allow you to hear perfectly between shots.

Our “Filtered Sonic” provides the benefits of both the “Filters” and the “Sonic” and so is the preferred solution for game shooting or if your clay pigeon club is prone to wind. It is also a good choice if you are using a high calibre weapon.

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The Phoenix Pro has two Programmes:

1) This programme enhances ambient sound five times louder and electronically supresses’ gunshot, great for clay and game shooting as it allows you to hear ambient sound clearly making it easier to hear movement.

2) No enhancement but electronic suppression for gunshot, great for competition allowing you to concentrate on that all important shot without distraction.

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The Phoenix Pro Plus has four Programmes which allows you to choose how much you want to hear giving you full control:

1) The competition programme allows you to focus on your shot with minimal distractions.

2) The rifle programme enhances a little to give you more ambient awareness.

3) Game programme gives you full enhancement so you can hear movement around you.

4) Clay programme enhances trap sound so you get as much notice as you can to hit the clay.

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