Motorsport - custom plugs & comms

Motorsports - custom plugs and comms

Pros - £60


Our “Pro” plugs are ideal for the competition shooter who wants to focus on what they are doing without any distraction when they are “in the zone.” These plugs provide maximum protection greatly reducing ambient sound – although you can still hear a little.

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DEC's - £95


Our Dec Filters allow you to use as much of your hearing level as possible without enhancing sound, so you won’t have to remove them when socialising between races or to hear the ambient sound. Initial ambient sound is only reduced by 15db. However, as soon as there is a loud noise i.e engine noise or wind noise this you from the harmful sound.

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Builtins - from £140


Can come in 3.5mm Jack or Phono connection. Great for Motorsports, listening to comms from the pits, listening to music, exercising, and much more. The speakers are fitted directly into the plug. This allows for improved sound quality especially in the bass frequencies. Fits easily under a crash helmet. 

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